søndag den 7. maj 2017

69 ReDesigns Q*bert Arcades Machine
Part-MESH :D working Model

This is the Q*bert Arcades Machine 
its a old SL design that i have ReDesigns and mad into a
working Model, Play the RL Q*bert GAME in SL :D
Q*bert is a fun Arcades Game you well love it
+ Q*bert becom a bit off star hes ben in to MOVIES now :D
the Q*bert Arcades Machine is Copy only
its 6 Prims and Part-MESH
it has a Pose adjust menu for the Animations post
you get a: Flash Plug For the New SL Medea
Link Poster for you and Frans or Costumers :)
need Help plies sent a NC to LULU (: lulu6kat :)

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